Irrigation Design & Installation

An effective irrigation system is essential in our dry climate.K-ler Landworks has designed and installed hundreds of irrigation and drip systems to accommodate all types of foliage. You can be confident that your investment in landscaping will be properly supported by an effective and streamlined watering system designed and installed by our company.


Understanding Your Timer:

First and foremost in maintaining your irrigation system is understanding your timer. Once we have installed your irrigation system the timer is set on a watering schedule bases on the time of year and plants installed. The watering schedule will need to be changed with the seasons.

Seasonal Changes And Your Irrigation System:

The most common question asked is,”When do I turn off my irrigation system in the winter, and when is it time to turn it back on?” As a rule of thumb, we continue watering through November and either decrease the time or turn systems off completely in December. We turn systems on in late February or early March. While the possibility of having to turn your system off earlier may arise due to freezing weather, you may also need to water during the winter months if the weather is warm and dry. Watering is completely at the homeowners’ discretion.

To turn off your system you will need to turn the water supply completely off to the irrigation system and turn the timer off.

What To Do With A Damaged Irrigation Head:

During the warm months when mowing is taking place there is always the possibility of knocking and irrigation head off with the mower. If this occurs, simply unscrew the head from its mounting, replace it with a new head and adjust the head so that it is watering the correct area. We use Hunter brand adjustable irrigation heads that we purchase at Pro-Water Irrigation, located in Prescott and Prescott Valley.