Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

Taking a break from cooking indoors or having friends and family over for a night of fun and good food? Arizona has the best climate for outdoor cooking and entertaining! Why not bring your kitchen outside with a fully functional barbecue island complete with sink, refrigerator and/or any other amenities you want to include? As the evening progresses, sit down and relax around a beautiful outdoor fireplace or fire pit. We can build something that fits your space, your style and your budget. There is no better way to enjoy a beautiful Arizona evening!


  • Good for Entertaining – No one ever says no to a barbecue!
  • Increases the Value of Your Home – This home improvement earns a high rate of return on this financial investment.
  • Saves on Utility Bills – If you are outside, no need to keep your air conditioner running!
  • Keeps Smells Outside – Deep fried foods, such as fish, can have aromas that last for days in the house!
  • Expands Your Living Space – No need to build another room for entertaining!
  • Improves the Taste of Healthier Food – Grilling enhances the taste of food!
  • Save Money on Restaurant Meals – Why go to a restaurant when you have the best seat in the house right in your back yard?