The final touch to any landscape is the foliage.The plants are the aspects of the landscape that are ever-changing and continually enhancing the projects we work on. This is why selection of varieties, placement and determination of the amount of plants is so integral to each of the landscapes we create. Knowing varieties of plants, their changes in shape as they grow and their need for sunlight, water and space is very important and our customers depend on our expertise in this area to steer them in the right direction with their investment. We love making things pretty and are very mindful that our customers are the ones that will have to live with their landscaping after we have left the project. Our goal is to have your landscape look exactly how you envisioned when we are finished with your project and for the years that come. Let us know if you have varieties of plants that you prefer or if you have no idea what types of plants are needed to create the look you want. Either way, we can help create a successful yard for many years to come.